About Us

Front row, left to right: O.Watts Booth, Elizabeth Broderick, Bruce Kauder, Tom Caldroney, Margaret Blanchard. Back row, left to right: Julian Blalock, Thomas Koerner, Patricia Kaufmann, Richard Brzeski, Lynn Stockberger, Jon Griffiths and John Hogg.

The Children’s Clinic, Ltd. was established in 1937 by Dr. Paul Hogg. The first office was located in downtown Newport News at 31st Street and West Avenue. Dr. C.W. Beaven joined him in 1942. The office moved to 29th Street in 1946. Dr. T.W. Caldroney joined the practice in 1953 followed that same year by Dr. O. Watts Booth.

The physicians were kept extremely busy alternating their time between office and hospital responsibilities. They saw many patients each day for well check-ups as well as sick visits in the office. The physicians were also responsible to the hospital for attending deliveries, taking care of well and sick newborns in the nursery, attending to sick patients in the emergency room and continuing their care if admitted to the pediatric unit. On top of all that, house calls were made to see sick patients after office hours.

The office moved to its present Main Street location in 1963. Dr. Hogg’s son, Dr. John Roger Hogg, joined the practice in 1968. After fulfilling his military commitment, Dr. Lynn P. Stockberger joined the practice in 1974.

The Children’s Clinic, Ltd. opened its first satellite office in 1973. The Denbigh and York County area was growing rapidly. An office was opened off Warwick Boulevard so patients in that area would have quicker and more convenient access to care. Dr. Bruce M. Kauder joined the practice in 1983. A second satellite office was opened in Gloucester to serve the patients across the York River. In 1985, Dr. Richard R. Brzeski joined that practice, and that same year the Denbigh office moved to its present location in front of Mary Immaculate Hospital. Dr. Julian H. Blalock, Jr. joined the practice in 1986, followed by Dr. Thomas H. Koerner in 1990 and Dr. Patricia Kaufman in 1994. The physicians at that time were covering both Riverside Hospital and Mary Immaculate Hospital. This included attending deliveries, covering both nurseries and emergency rooms, as well as covering inpatients in the pediatric unit at Riverside Hospital.

Some of the older physicians had retired or were retiring by this time. Dr. Elizabeth Broderick, boarded in both pediatrics and internal medicine, joined the practice in 1997. Dr. Margaret Blanchard followed in 1999 and Dr. Jon Griffiths in 2004. Around this time, both hospitals hired neonatologists to cover the deliveries and sick newborns. General pediatrics was becoming across the country more office-based and less hospital-based.

In 2007, the Denbigh office was expanded. Dr. Amanda Draper, after fulfilling her military commitment, joined the practice in 2008 along with Dr. Jessica Veeder.

Currently, the Children’s Clinic, Ltd. has three offices and nine board certified pediatricians. The physicians are on active staff at Mary Immaculate Hospital and see newborns in their nursery. The physicians are on courtesy staff at Riverside Regional Medical Center.

Hundreds of thousands of patients have been seen at Children’s Clinic, Ltd. over the years. Some current patients’ grandparents and great grandparents were also seen at the clinic. Pediatrics has changed over the years but our commitment to give outstanding pediatric care has not. We strive to give the same quality and compassionate care to our patients today as the first patients received at our practice in 1937.